About The Book

A tiny blue butterfly is chased out of a yellow garden because she does not blend in.

She flees to the nearby forest glen, where she encounters a colorful band of woodland creatures—all of them expelled from the garden for the same reason—being different. The glen provides safety, friendship, and acceptance. However, it’s the garden that holds the blue butterfly’s true destiny.

A Queen, a mystical potion, and the fate of their natural world hang in the balance. The blue butterfly, and what makes her different, holds the key.

The Garden and the Glen is about the magic that finds us when we’re brave enough to be our unique selves.


A Fable About Character and the Courage to Be Different

 – a children’s chapter book –

Maggie Green’s miniature watercolor paintings pull the reader into another world. Her detailed yet whimsical style is the ideal complement to The Garden and the Glen.

The Cardinal

“Clearly, I did not blend in!”

The Brown Squirrel

“Hurry up! Jump in!
No time to waste!”

The Wise Butterfly

“It was a bad plan all along.”

The Bossy Butterfly

“Everything is falling into place.”

The Frogs

“They did it to us, too.”

The Gray Bunny

“This time it’s true!”

Elizabeth Moseley

This book began many years ago as a short bedtime story. Elizabeth Moseley’s then-young daughters loved hearing stories at the end of the day. Elizabeth was happy reading their favorite books, but found her greatest joy in creating original fiction.

A lifelong fan of Aesop and mythology, her tales often featured some magic, and always
a happy ending. At the urging of her now-grown daughters, she has finally written one down.

Elizabeth holds an M.A. in English Literature from Georgetown University.

Elizabeth Moseley is available for book readings and signings.
Please send all inquiries to: gardenandglen@gmail.com

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